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Biolite CampStove

First, let me say I'm not affiliated with these guys in anyway. I'm a hiker, camper, former infantryman, and a FEMA-trained and qualified preparedness expert.

The BioLite Campstove is a significant game changer in preparedness gear. This is not a toy. It's a serious device which fulfills three critical roles.

1. First, it handles your need for heat and light. Chunk in some kindling, sticks, and a few pine cones, and in short order it's burning brightly and efficiently with little smoke. Your campsite is now cheery and warm, even in the snow or on wet ground. It uses small wood, which is less hassle than logs, and easier and quicker to gather.

2. Second, the device is a very efficient way to cook. It has a place for a cook pot or skillet and can handle up to a full gallon (8 pounds) of water or food. You can keep fed and clean without the mess and upkeep of a campfire.

3. Finally, you have a reliable way to recharge your communication devices with little effort. This beats all other methods. It works at night -- no sunlight needed. It stores in a kit bag for months, even years, and never needs to be topped up -- better than batteries or electric storage packs. It does the work as you are cooking supper -- no need to crank a charger. Its "fuel" is whatever you can grab off the ground or snap off from dead limbs. Simple, reliable, lightweight, green, and cheap. (Its cost about the same as a big, heavy 12V power pack, or about twice the price of a good quality camp stove.)

This should be in every prepper's pack.

How It Works

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