Failed States

Not long ago the UN Secretary-General said, “Security is under threat.” We often think this is something which happens far away from our shores. But, Mexico's security situation has been well treated in the news. Increasingly states are coming under siege from elements determined to upset their stability. Non-official groups (terrorists, criminals, activists, political dissidents) are challenging countries for the right to rule. When a state collapses to the point it can no longer provide basic services, like security, it becomes what is called a "failed state."

Go read the article on the Failed States Index in Foreign Policy magazine, here. Notice that the US is not the most stable. It has lost rankings from the previous years. And, need I point out, that's academia in the political sciences noting that we are in decline. You may consider reading a report: "The Globalization of Crime: A Transnational Organized Crime Threat Assessment" which you can read here.

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